Q1. The Centre has been open for over 12 years what has prompted the Nursery idea now?
A During a visit to London, Rev Dada J P Vaswani expressed a desire to establish an educational institution in London. Dada requested we focus on a
play ‘n’ learn preschool for the toddlers. Hence began our journey to start a nursery.

Q2. Is Sadhu Vaswani Centre equipped and qualified to do this?
A -A substantial amount of funds are being spent to convert the large hall into a modern and well equipped nursery.
– The services of an Educational Consultant have been employed both here and in India.
– Our architects for this project have a member of their team who has been involved with designing and advising on other nursery establishments and higher educational institutes.
– Nursery will employ qualified teachers who will have to go through a rigours selection process and a in-house training course.

Q3. What will the nursery be called?
A- Little Lamps. This is the name used by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission nurseries in India

Q4. When will Little Lamps nursery start?
A- We are targeting to start in September 2017

Q5. What age range will Little Lamps nursery cater for?
A- Children between the ages of 2.5 years and 4 years.

Q6. How do you differentiate Little Lamps nursery from other nurseries?
A- Alongside the UK National curriculum for this age group, we will be instilling children with moral & human values. Building character, integrity and providing a strong spiritual foundation.

Q7. Will Little Lamps be a Faith school?
A- No. Little Lamps will impart value based teachings but will not follow any particular religious domain. Children from all religious backgrounds are welcome to join.

Q8. Will Little Lamps be just the nursery?
A- No, there will be a child minding / crèche service available as well.  There will be fee for child minding services. Parent will need to book the service in advance.

Q9. What will be the timings of the nursery?
A- It will be 8.30 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday; 13 week per term as per the OFSTED guidelines for nurseries for the same age group.

Q10. Will Little Lamps nursery be governed by the OFSTED guidelines?
A- Yes, Little Lamps nursery will be an OFSTED approved nursery. It will adhere and comply with all the OFSTED governance and regulations. It will be monitored and open for random inspection by OFSTED from time to time to ensure that there is a safe environment for the children and that teaching standards are maintained high.

Q11. Will there be a charge for the parents sending their children to Little Lamps nursery?
A- Yes, there will be fees and these will be announced closer to the open day in May 2017. The fees will be on par or below those charged by other nurseries, however, we will give additional attention to imbuing human values and building character along teaching the UK curriculum. Thus, resulting in a more balanced and confident children.

Q12. How will the Little Lamps nursery be funded?
A- We will be collecting donations

Q13. If you are charging fees, why are you collecting donations?
A- The donations we collect will be for construction, and setting up of Little Lamps nursery.
Once it is up and running and is well established, we will not need donations. The operational expenses will be met with the fees.

Q14. How may I support?
A- Send an email to nursery@sadhuvaswaniuk.com with your name and mobile number along with “Support” as the subject and one of the team will call you.

Q15. How can I see or know more about the nursery?
A- Send an email to nursery@sadhuvaswaniuk.com and one of the team will call you to answer any further question you may have.

Q16. Can I come and see it?
A- Yes, there will be an open day in April/ May 2017. Please register your interest by sending your details via email nursery@sadhuvaswaniuk.com

Q17. Who will be teaching the children?
A- Little Lamps nursery will employ qualified teachers and teaching assistants. There will be stringent checks and training before a teacher can be accepted:
– There will be a Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) (formerly CRB) checks carried out on each applicant to comply with OFSTED regulations.
– The applicant will then be interviewed by Pune HQ
– Finally, each teacher will undergo a three day training programme before they can begin teaching.

Q18. Can I meet the teachers?
A- Yes, at the open day.

Q19. Who will the Nursery be managed and run by?
A- On the day-to-day operational level the Head Teacher will be in charge. The overall management will be overseen by the Sadhu Vaswani Centre Trustees until a Board of Governors has been appointed by Pune Committee. Once appointed, they will manage the affairs of Little Lamps nursery.

Q20. How can I get involved?
A- Send your name and mobile number nursery@sadhuvasawniuk.com detailing how you would like to offer your help and one of the team will call you.

Q21. If my child is there all day will he/she be feed?
A- Yes, all children who are there for the full day will have a nutritious vegetarian lunch

Q22. Can I give my child a packed lunch?
A Yes, as long as it is a vegetarian dish/ sandwich.

Q23. Will there any medically qualified staff on the premises?
A- Yes, at all times there will be at least one teacher in the building who will have First-Aid training.

Q23. Can my child have a taster session?
A- Once the Nursery is up and running, this can be discussed with the Head Teacher and a half day session may be arranged depending on circumstances.

Q24. Will there be a doctor or nurse on the premises?
A- Yes, there will be a first aid qualified member of the staff on the premises at all times.