Our Dearest Didi Krishna Kumari Thadani

Our Didi Krishna Kumari

Didi Krishna Kumari is our illustrious spiritual leader and working chairperson of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. She is the epitome of love and compassion, forgiveness, and selfless service. Mere words cannot express her utter dedication to serving the masters Sadhu Vaswani and Beloved Dada J P Vaswani and the relentless efforts she has put in to promote the mission activities.

Didi Krishna Kumari came to live at the Sadhu Vaswani Mission when she was three years old. She grew up as a devotee and disciple of the masters, Sadhu Vaswani and Dada J. P. Vaswani. She was mentored by Dada himself and was brought up in the spiritual environment of the Mission. She has compiled and edited several books and lectures by Dada J. P. Vaswani.

Didi Krishna taught us that our minds are scattered. They are dispersed because they are tainted with desire. We need to purify our minds. 

We must be on guard against three things that make our minds impure: Love of pleasure, the desire for a sense of gratification and sense- indulgence, the greed of gold – the desire to amass wealth, and the desire for power – fame, name, publicity, popularity, and earthly greatness. We need to create a balance between need and want.

Didi Krishna Kumari, a true and humble disciple of Beloved Dada says Dada’s preaching always had the following three principles.

  1. Turn back to God: It is never too late to turn back to God. What is needed is sincerity, cooperation of the mind, and intensity of faith.
  2. Divinity of life:To be compassionate is to experience divinity in our everyday life and
  3. Harmony: All world – religions are mirrors of the One Face. In them all shines the One Light. He always focused on guiding the youth and children of this nation. The seeds of humanity are its children. Invest in them. Take care of them. They can regenerate humanity. Take care of your children; they are your richest treasure.

Didi Krishna say’s “Dada’s love was unique yet it was universal”. He spread the fragrance of love wherever he went; he transformed whatever he touched with the magic of his love. To him, to love was to give, give, and give. He often said to us: to live is to give and those that do not give are no better than dead souls. To Dada to live was to love, to live was to give, to live was to serve, to live was to bear the burdens of others. And the best giving is forgiving.