About Sadhu Vaswani Center UK

The Mission Sadhu Vaswani  was founded by Sadhu T.L. Vaswani.In UK charity was registered on 29 January 1996.

Registered Charity No. 1052439

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To be happy, make others happy. A Non-sectarian, non-profit organization which believes in the unity of all religion and reveres the Great Ones of all Faiths.


The Sadhu Vaswani Mission seeks to bear witness to the truth that there is but one life flowing in all men, birds, animals, things animate and inanimate. It believes that life must have a spiritual orientation and promotes the practice of kirtans, prayers, meditation and above all, love for others. The others are not apart from us, we are all part of One Whole.


The Mission serves all sections of the society irrespective of religion, caste, creed or community. Its service activities today encompass several segments that impact the lives of the people- social, educational, healthcare and spiritual.


Selfless service is at the core of the Mission’s activities. Sadhu Vaswani often said, “I have but one tongue. If I had a million tongues, I would repeat this one word Give, Give, Give!” In bearing witness to this great ideal of the founder, innumerable social service programs are tirelessly carried out by the Mission centers world over.


 The pivot of the Mission’s activities is the daily Satsang; an ever-flowing fountain of soulful music, devotion, spiritual solace and ceaseless inspiration to all seekers of God. Special Satsang’s are organized on Hero Days, to commemorate the Great Souls. Sadhana (meditation) Camps are held across the world to rekindle the spiritual flame within hearts of aspirants.


The Sadhu Vaswani Center is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra with centers all over the world.




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